Meet Miss Louisiana International 2018: Ana-Alicia Scott


Miss Louisiana International 2018 is Ana-Alicia Scott, a 28-year-old, Commercial Specialist, who resides in Baton Rouge, LA. She is currently training for the Miss International Pageant which will be July 23-28, 2018.

At what age did you enter your first pageant?
I competed in my first pageant at the age of 26 and have been hooked ever since.

How many pageants have you been in and have you ever won any others in the past?
I have been in two other pageants in my life. My previous title was Miss Elite Louisiana Earth. I competed in Washington D.C. where I received awards for Best Runway and Miss Congeniality.

What are your future goals and plans?
My personal platform is Self-Love: Overcoming Domestic Violence. I plan on continuing to bring awareness to domestic violence and providing an escape plan for women who are victims. Ninety percent of all domestic violence victims experience financial abuse. I plan on providing financial literacy resources for women as well.

In what ways do you lead a healthy lifestyle?
I try to incorporate some form of physical activity every day. I have a family history of diabetes and heart disease. I plan on breaking the cycle of disease by staying active for the rest of my life. I believe that exercise and healthy eating choices are the key to keeping my health in check.

Do you plan to participate in more pageants?
The Miss International pageant is my final pageant competition. I plan on giving this my all and bringing home the title of Miss International.

What are your hobbies and interest?
I love taking barre classes. Barre really allows me to decompress after a long day. I also love to sing and volunteer with my mission.

When were you crowned Miss Louisiana International and how long is your reign?
I was crowned Miss Louisiana on February 14, 2018. My reign as Miss Louisiana International only lasts a year, and I plan on making the most out of it!

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