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Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital specializes in the highest quality inpatient and outpatient physical rehabilitation services. This 60-bed, free-standing rehab hospital is equipped with two state-of-the-art therapy gyms and houses over-sized private rooms. Cobalt offers physical, occupational and speech therapy as well as nutritional therapy, medication management and neurological rehab.

Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital is a family-friendly facility, where a patient’s loved ones are welcome and encouraged to participate in the rehab process. Scott Thigpen, RN, Director of Business Development, says Cobalt recognizes the importance of family involvement, training and education throughout their stay with us.” Cobalt’s commitment does not end once the patient returns home. Our goal is to provide our patients the ability to achieve the highest quality of life post discharge. We offer the unique opportunity to continue outpatient therapy with the same team members.”

State-of-the-Art Equipment
Mandy Indest, LOTR, MSCHCM, Director of Therapy, says the state-of-the-art equipment that therapist use to assist patients in their recovery improves their outcomes. “The Zero G Gait and Balance Training System helps individuals safely improve balance, walking ability and improve functional performance without the risk of falling.”  Therapists develop a customized body weight support for each patient based on their level of ability and needs. At that point, they can practice walking, work on balance and play games in an effort to make therapy more enjoyable and functional. “It helps therapists progress our patients faster to help them get better sooner!” says Indest.

Cobalt has technology available which allows staff to provide interventions that are progressive and not available elsewhere in this area.  Therapists have access to the Bioness L300 for foot drop and H200 for hand paralysis, which are useful for muscle re-education, improved range of motion and prevention of muscle loss.  “In addition, we often utilize the Biodex Balance System for balance, agility and reduction of fall risk.  It assists in the training of individuals who have restrictions in weight bearing of lower extremities,” explains Indest.

Specialized Facility
Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital offers a “healing environment” to enhance the patient experience. The facility has amenities similar to those you would find at an upscale hotel. The rooms are 30% larger than required to allow for family to comfortably stay with the patient overnight. All bathrooms are equipped with walk-in showers and handheld shower heads.

There is an Activities of Daily Living (ADL) suite, which is utilized to progress patients into real life experiences they would encounter upon returning home.  “Our therapy team works together on household tasks such as cooking, doing laundry and washing dishes.  Our patients also benefit from community outings to nearby grocery stores or retail stores to reintegrate into the community,” says Indest.

Expert Care
Scott Tranchina, RN, is the Chief Executive Officer of Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital. He brings over 18 years’ experience in healthcare to this position. He holds a master’s degree in nursing healthcare systems management, certified brain injury specialist and recipient of the Great 100 Nurses award for Louisiana. “The leadership team here at Cobalt is one of the finest teams I have had the privilege of working with. They have dedication, commitment toward their patients and drive to continue to excel in setting the bar in the market for the highest quality outcomes in the rehab market. There is no other inpatient rehab facility in the region that can care for the complex patient and continue to achieve the quality outcomes for our patients.” says Tranchina.

“The Culicchia Neurological group is one of the most respected and recognized neuro rehab specialists in the community. They treat a vast number of complex patients from all throughout the region. We are proud to have Dr. Charles Fiore, MD as our Medical Director, bringing his years of experience in neuro rehabilitation to care for our patients. “says Tranchina.

Transforming Rehabilitation
Cobalt has a vision to transform the way therapy is delivered to the patients of our community. Cobalt’s focus is to provide patients with intense physical, occupational, speech and social therapy to improve their long-term quality of life, for not only them but also their family and loved ones.

Cobalt strives for higher standards in rehabilitative care. Their commitment to exceptional healthcare along with an outstanding staff and progressive technology leads to superior patient outcomes.

“Our staff is what sets us apart from other facilities. They have been handpicked because they are great at what they do. The knowledge and training that each team member possesses provides patients with extraordinary care and better outcomes. Patients have a choice when it comes to physical rehab and we want to be that choice” says Thigpen.
“The experience and expertise of our therapy team allows for patients to progress beyond expectations.  Patients leave us with the opportunity to live a meaningful and fulfilling life even after enduring the most challenging and scariest experiences.  We give them their lives back.  They learn to live again,” says Indest.

For more information, please contact Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital at 504-930-3527. They are available to answer any questions and assist you in the referral process. Most commercial insurance plans, Medicaid, Medicare and Workmen’s Comp plans are accepted.

Cobalt serves a wide range of physical rehabilitation needs:

Congenital Deformity
Fall Prevention
Hip Fractures
Incontinence/Pelvic Floor dysfunction
Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple Trauma
Pain Management
Parkinson’s Disease
Post Cardiac and General Surgery
Spasticity Management
Spinal Cord Injury
Sports Medicine
Swallowing Dysfunction
Traumatic Brain Injury
Wound Care
Working Condition


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