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By: Brandi LeCompte

Beth Guccione-Roppolo began a new adventure in August of 2017. After working as a nurse for five years, Beth decided to make a change. “After discovering the fitness world, I knew that’s where my heart belonged. After several months of praying, I decided to leave the medical field to pursue my dream of being a personal trainer and NPC bikini competitor,” explains Beth, who was born and raised in the Metairie area. Beth has always been active in sports and enjoys helping others, she has a strong passion for the job and knows it’s a perfect fit.

Beth has been an active personal trainer for seven months now. It was a difficult path that led her on this journey. “After going through the death of my father, an extremely rocky divorce and several years of depression; I knew I had to find an outlet that not only supported my mental health but also my physical health. Personal training was the only answer for me,” says Beth. Personal training has provided Beth an opportunity to not only be successful in her life but to assist others to do the same and reach their goals.

Achieving Goals
Beth incorporates High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), cardio, TRX training, battle rope training, heavy weight training and strength and endurance training into her routines. “My biggest goal when training a client is to always make sure they’re having fun while being pushed to their absolute limit,” says Beth. A great relationship with clients and understanding their limits goes a long way in keeping them motivated. Beth says she’s not the type of trainer that just tells clients what to do, she gets on the floor or the machine and actually does the exercises with her clients. “I have also found the perfect balance of being a hard trainer, while also being extremely fun – all to push my clients to greatness.”

In order to help her clients achieve their goals, Beth realizes the importance of a successful trainer-client relationship, which she says is built on open communication and honesty. “From day one, I tell all of my clients to be upfront with me about how they feel and what they want. If we’re doing a rep that they don’t feel comfortable with, I expect them to tell me. Trust is another key aspect of a successful trainer-client relationship,” explains Beth. She trusts that her clients will follow through with the entire program that she gives them in order to be successful. Beth builds a relationship with her clients knowing that their success is the most important outcome.

There are always obstacles in seeking a fit life. Beth has noticed the largest struggles for people seem to be time, money and consistency. “I offer all of my clients a first-time consultation to answer in depth questions, so I can develop a workout routine and meal plan designed specifically for them. I find that asking head-on questions that most trainers wouldn’t typically ask, out of fear, really opens an entirely new aspect of training for my clients. I feel that getting really personal not only aids in my ability to help them, but it also opens an amazing cliental relationship that keeps them coming back for more,” says Beth.

Dreams Do Come True
As a full-time, single mother of two boys, the freedom that personal training has provided Beth has been one of the best aspects of the job. “It’s a wonderful income to support my family, and I have built incredible cliental and professional relationships along the way. I’m always able to be there when my sons need me, and I also take care of my mother. I am able to do all of this while helping others achieve their goals. All of these things have been my biggest inspiration through this journey,” explains Beth.
Beth is currently expanding her business from the New Orleans area to also reach clients on the Northshore. During this time, she has reached out to many people in business for advice and continues to learn more and more about running a business each day. “My faith has been the largest part of building this business, and I know without a doubt that I would not be where I am without God. I want to encourage everyone that is reading this to never give up on your dreams,” says Beth.

Beth credits her administrative assistant, Kymberlyn Pierson, with helping to keep clients motivated and excited. “She’s amazing!” says Beth. She stays in contact with clients, which they seem to really appreciate.

“Things continue to look up every single day, and I could not be more thankful and humble. I look forward to what the future holds for me. My clients are trusting me with their lives, health and goals. This is truly my biggest passion, and I will never give up until not only me, but my clients are successful in every aspect of our lives,” says Beth.
For more information you can find Fitness with Beth on Facebook or on Instagram @bethgucci_fitnesswithbeth. You can also call or text Beth at 504-810-2006 or Kymberlyn at 251-242-5988.

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