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When Kristin King, Registered Dietitian for LifeStart’s Corporate Wellness Center at Laitram, met with her nutrition clients she noticed a reoccurring problem.  Clients with various health conditions would meet with her for nutritional guidance and would state that they couldn’t find the time to eat healthy.  These clients were being provided the nutrition education that they needed to improve their health but were not always following through with their goals because they simply were not making the effort to prepare the necessary foods that could help improve their health.

Therefore, Kristin decided to establish Thrive Meals, a local meal prep and nutrition company.  Thrive Meals has a mission to not only help educate their clients on healthy choices with private nutrition consultations, meal plans and weekly health coaching, but also provide healthy prepared meals and snacks for locals.  “I feel that we provide what other programs don’t offer – nutrition education through meal plans/health coaching AND meals and snacks that are planned by a Registered Dietitian.  Not only are our meals and snacks portion controlled to help our clients lose weight, but they include ingredients and foods that are supported by evidence-based research to improve biomarkers such as BMI, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.,” says Kristin. Meals and snacks are planned to incorporate plenty of fruits and vegetables, high-fiber grains, heart-healthy oils and Omega 3 fatty acids.  They do not contain any added sugars, added salt or processed meats.  “Our meals are focused on being as heart-healthy as possible, which is a beneficial way of eating for everyone.  I believe that food can be medicine, and more of us need to take accountability of our health by exercising and eating healthy before jumping so quickly to take medications,” says Kristin.
Thrive Meals delivers healthy chef-prepared meals and snacks every Monday to the north and south shore. There are various pick up locations in Hammond, Slidell, Covington and Mandeville, and they also offer a home delivery service to the north and south shore.  A new menu is posted on the website each Monday morning and meals are prepared in a commercial kitchen under the direction of an award-winning chef.

“From the personalized emails sent to the last meal or snack consumed for the week, we hope to be able to provide the highest quality food and nutritional guidance to our clients,” Kristin says.

Orders can be placed on and need to be submitted before 9:00 am on Fridays for a Monday delivery the following week.  For more information, visit our website or contact Kristin King at

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