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I prefer to do workouts at home using my equipment, and I’ve hit a plateau. I would like to maximize my efforts by finding a trainer who will come to my home? I have limited equipment. Would a trainer require more equipment to vary the workout?

Certified personal trainers are valuable at evaluating your current fitness level, setting goals, writing an exercise prescription and instruction. They provide feedback, accountability and safety for their clients. Search for a certified, degreed and insured personal trainer that makes house calls. Many trainers advertise their services at your home, office, private facilities or public space. You can search websites of personal training certifying bodies for trainers in your area. ACSM, ACE, NASM, NSCA and Cooper Institute are some of the top organizations.

Some CPTs may have their own traveling gym. Trainers offering individualized exercise programming should be skilled at devising a workout with what is available. Many trainers may bring boxes, resistance bands, weights, swiss balls and other portable exercise equipment. There should be a cardio, strength and flexibility component to the workouts. Trainers providing this level of service in the home may cost more.

How do I tone up my flabby arms?

Many women and some men don’t like the appearance of their arms. Often, they avoid wearing short sleeves. The upper part of your arm consists of your biceps and triceps. Triceps compose two-thirds of your arm. Perform more exercises for your triceps than your biceps. Exercises often recommended for triceps are close hand push-ups, triceps kickbacks, skull crushers, pushdowns, close grip bench press, dips or triceps machines. Exercises for biceps would be variations of curls. Straight or EZ curl bar curls, dumbbell curls, underhand pull-ups or bicep curl machines. Super setting a bicep exercise with a tricep exercise can be very effective and save time. Don’t rest between sets (no more than 60 seconds). Perform 6-9 sets of biceps and 9-12 sets of triceps. Use full range of motion.

However, it is not possible to spot reduce bodyfat from a specific area. You gain and loose weight from all over. While exercising your arms as recommended, you will tone the muscle underneath the bodyfat. You will not see your toned arms unless your bodyfat levels are low enough for the muscle to show. Exercising just your arms does not burn that many calories. These muscle groups are small. An overall plan to reduce bodyfat from physical activity and a healthy eating program will help reveal your newly sculpted arms for all to see.

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