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The Cancer Center of Thibodaux Regional provides leading-edge cancer treatment, services and support. The state-of-the-art technology utilized by the Center offers many benefits including earlier and more precise diagnosis, detection of small tumors, avoidance of invasive procedures, fewer side effects and better chances of a positive outcome.

Thibodaux Regional Medical Center is building a brand-new cancer facility. The five-story building will offer 100,000 square feet of space and will be at the current location, 608 N. Acadia Road, Thibodaux, Louisiana. Dr. Laura Chauvin, Medical Oncologist with the Cancer Center of Thibodaux Regional, says, “The new facility will be more comfortable for the cancer patients and offer more privacy during chemotherapy. It will be a more calming interaction.”

Music therapy and aromatherapy will be offered in the new facility. “Studies show that music therapy actually impacts quality of life and sense of well-being,” says Dr. Chauvin. “There are a lot of things that may not seem important enough to affect treatment outcomes but they actually are and they also help with a patient’s ability to cope with treatment. When a patient is better able to cope with their treatment, they are more likely to stay on treatment and not give up.”

The Cancer Center will continue to focus on survivorship, says Dr. Chauvin. “We will remain committed to promoting overall health and wellness to our patients. Partnering with our Wellness Center to coordinate cancer patient programs is an important aspect of assisting patients to lead an active lifestyle.”
There is a special fitness program available for all cancer patients; those who are currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment are especially encouraged to participate. “The program offers two months of supervised exercise in a way that is consistent with studies that show cancer recurrence is reduced anywhere from 25% to 50%, depending on the type of cancer a patient has, if you exercise while you are on chemotherapy,” explains Dr. Chauvin.

Dr. Chauvin recommends exercise for all cancer patients and encourages lifestyle changes away from high-fat diet and a sedentary lifestyle. “Being thin, following a low-fat diet and participating in cardio exercise reduce risks for all types of cancers,” says Dr. Chauvin. Exercise has other benefits for cancer patients such as the production of natural mood boosters and improving your sense of well-being. Dr. Chauvin says that even just a little movement may help a patient feel better.

In addition to the exceptional technology and therapies offered, the Cancer Center of Thibodaux Regional has an extraordinary and compassionate staff. “All of our patients are being treated in such a loving way. We have a wonderful, caring staff,” says Dr. Chauvin.

For more information on the Cancer Center of Thibodaux Regional, please call (985) 493-4008.

Treatment and Therapies Offered:
High Dose Rate (HDR)
Hormonal Therapy
Radiation Therapy

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