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VetNaturally is an Integrative Veterinary Medicine practice owned and operated by Dr. Ashley Geoghegan, affectionately known to all of her clients as “Dr. G”. With a clear passion for animals as well as educating the community on Integrative Medicine, Dr. G treats her patients using modalities such as acupuncture, Chinese herbs, essential oils, Tui-na, cold laser therapy and food therapy.
Dr. Geoghegan graduated from LSU School of Veterinary Medicine and entered the U.S. Army as an officer. During her time in the military, she traveled the world while treating President Bush’s bomb-sniffing dogs and search and rescue dogs. “My years in the military taught me invaluable lessons about treating acute (temporary) conditions, but it wasn’t until I started my own private practice that I truly began to understand the need for alternative medical treatments for chronic conditions, especially in elderly pets,” says Dr. G.
Integrative Medicine 
Dr. G received Integrative Veterinary Medicine training at the renowned Chi Institute. “At last, I discovered a way to help our ailing pets without always resorting to expensive surgical procedures and prescription medications,” says Dr. G.
Having extensively trained in both Western (conventional) and Eastern (holistic) veterinary medicine, she is able to treat patients with a fully integrated approach. “When you combine the 3,500 years of knowledge from the East with the technology and diagnostics of the West, you get something pretty powerful,” Geoghegan explains.
VetNaturally Cares 
Dr. Geoghegan has a heart for giving back, especially to shelter animals and military working dogs. She has created an initiative called VetNaturally Cares to specifically help them.
“I love all animals, but I feel a special responsibility to the voiceless pets waiting for a forever home,” shares Dr. G. VetNaturally Cares funds specific animal shelter projects at no charge. VetNaturally Cares also collects shelter-safe toys to be distributed to shelter animals during the holiday season. There are many drop-off locations throughout the Northshore and Southshore. Please see page 19 for more information on the types of items collected and a list of drop-off locations. Collections begin each year at the end of October and run through November. Drop-offs start in early December. Geoghegan and her team members work diligently to make sure the shelter pets feel loved and celebrated. They truly enjoy the drop off days and invite everyone in the community to take part.


Rosie is the most recent recipient of VetNaturally Cares program, where shelter pets are treated at no cost. Rosie was an integrative medical case treated with the combined effort of Dr. G and Dr. Troxler of the St Charles Parish Animal Shelter.

Holistic Veterinary Center
VetNaturally will be breaking ground on a state-of-the-art facility in November/December 2018 on the Mandeville lakefront. The brand-new Holistic Veterinary Center is a collaborative effort from the most innovative minds in the veterinary and construction industries. Dr. G is extremely grateful to Greenleaf Lawson, Sal Longo architects and Brett Davis Construction for their dedication and collaboration to make this center come to life. Some of the services offered will include acupuncture, canine rehabilitation, daycare, medical spa services and education classes. There will be luxurious pet suites and a wonderful, grassy playground with water features. “It will be an exciting community for pet lovers, a first of its kind!” says Dr. G.
VetNaturally provides new and exciting options to pet parents who may feel that they have exhausted all Western medical options. Dr. Geoghegan is a dedicated champion of integrative medicine. She says once the light goes off for people, there is no going back. “Not only do people bring me their sick pets, they make appointments for their healthy pets so we can start a wellness program together,” she says. “This proactive step allows their beloved furry family members to stay balanced, healthy and happy. When pet parents know better, they do better.”
Please visit and follow VetNaturally™ on Facebook for more innovative information regarding pet care. VetNaturally™ is currently located inside of Mandeville Animal Hospital but the new address will be 123 Girod St, Mandeville. Dr. Geoghegan welcomes referrals from all local veterinarians.

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