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Sports nutrition is an often-overlooked component in an athlete’s quest for optimal physical performance. “The right fuel can play a huge part in an athlete’s performance and overall success,” says Lilli Rozanski, MS, RDN, LDN, Sports and Fitness Dietitian at the Wellness Center of Thibodaux Regional. Rozanski is educating amateur and professional athletes on the importance of sports nutrition.
A well-constructed nutrition plan considers an individual’s goals and provides the best types of food, nutrients, energy and proper hydration to keep the body functioning at peak levels. “My role as Sports Dietitian is integral to an athlete’s training,” says Rozanski. Rozanski is able to assist athletes by providing safe and effective nutrition strategies based on their needs. Proper nutrition provides athletes with the endurance and strength needed to be competitive in their sport.
After interning with the LSU sports dietitians, Rozanski knew she wanted to work in the athletic/sports industry. “Once I became a dietitian, I worked as a graduate assistant at the University of Louisville. There I was the primary sports dietitian for women’s soccer, men’s tennis, men’s and women’s golf, rowing and softball,” says Rozanski.

Sports nutrition is a fairly new concept to many people, especially to young athletes. Rozanski does outreach with many local teams and holds group talks with the athletes. She also offers one on one nutrition consultations, which provide more specific and personalized nutrition education. Rozanski enjoys interacting with the athletes on the sidelines and she says the time spent together helps them to trust in her nutrition advice. “I reach out to the parents of athletes as well, they want to know how to feed their busy athlete and I want to give that education,” says Rozanski.
One common problem many teams have is deciding what to feed athletes for a pre-game meal. Rozanski can provide that crucial information to them and help solve that problem. The goal is to provide coaches and athletes with more knowledge on sports nutrition and help them problem-solve and achieve results. “We will be able to take nutrition to the next level with teams and athletes. I want to be able to hone in on how to make healthier athletes through sports nutrition,” explains Rozanski.

For more information on the Sports Nutrition program or to schedule a one-on-one consultation, please call 985-493-4765.

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