Give Yourself a Gift


By: Dr. Kelly Gilthorpe Burkenstock

Sometimes the most selfless thing we can offer to our families is to give ourselves a gift! This time of year, we often spend time shopping for others – finding their perfect gift. This can occur at our own emotional expense. We sleep less, use precious free time to shop and by the time the holidays roll around, we are exhausted and we are spent! What we desire from others spiritually or as a gift may never surface and this can lead to resentment, anxiety and depression. During this holiday season, many will skip their workout or long walks to make room for seasonal activities. This can be a double whammy. The added stress of holiday planning and the loss of a stress reliever like walks or exercise certainly takes its toll.

As our beloved Anne Frank wrote, “Feelings can’t be ignored, no matter how unjust or grateful they seem.” Knowing this, we submit to the fact that the foundation of all relationships is the relationship we have with ourselves. As a reflection of self-love, we can give ourselves permission to fulfill the soul of us. Ponder through your soul to the special presents wanted and desired for self-satisfaction. This personal present, whether it be a 20-minute hot tub bath with sensuous scented candlelight, or adding much needed fresh fruits or vegetables to our diet, or skincare products to anti-age, or Botox or filler to turn back the Hands of Time can all enhance the self-image and help us to enjoy the social events.
As a young mother, a new lipstick, negligee or enhanced lips may satisfy. Splurge girls and enjoy a new style, color or fabric.

If you are a bit more mature – Botox, to smooth the wrinkles, offers a fresh, full of life appearance; or filler to revitalize the etched areas like the “number elevens” at the frown or “nasolabials” around the mouth. This gives a more youthful and satisfying appearance and most females are ecstatic about seeing the younger version of themselves. With Botox and laser procedures, many times plastic surgery can be postponed or avoided. The results for noninvasive, non-surgical lasers speak for themselves.

When we feel good, we have so much more to give. That added feel good energy gives us the momentum to do for our beloveds. This holiday season, I invite you to gift yourself something you would not ordinarily give yourself. Give yourself something that makes you feel loved, supported and nourished. Please remember the mirror we turn on ourselves is much harsher than the world sees us!

Merry Christmas to all, love yourselves and share the love with your family and friends. May God bless!

With Love,
Dr. B

Dr. Kelly Gilthorpe Burkenstock is a longstanding member of the International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatologists and has studied abroad with several of the world’s foremost international luminaries. She has locations in Metairie and Mandeville. For more information please call 985-869-8400 or 504-502-7600.

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