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By: Sammy Cusimano

Dr. Stephen Metzinger is helping women of all ages every day with his revolutionary methods in the treatment of urinary incontinence as well as vaginal laxity. For females who are facing these issues, particularly after childbirth, Dr. Metzinger is giving them hope. Many women may be self-conscious about changes that they have experienced. They no longer have to go through invasive surgery to correct most issues concerning vaginal aging. Dr. Metzinger is ushering in a new era of vaginal treatments via the Viveve treatment. “This is really the first non-invasive treatment for women’s health that is clinically proven, non-surgical, comfortable, and safe,” states Dr. Metzinger. Thanks to Dr. Metzinger and the team at Aesthetic Surgical Associates, this innovative technique is helping women in as little as one to two non-invasive treatment sessions.

As females age, the vaginal opening will naturally have more laxity due to a loss of collagen. This affects urinary function as well as sexual sensation and performance. Many active women are concerned about jumping or bouncing during exercise due to urinary incontinence. Stress placed on the muscles around the bladder due to weight gain, childbirth and even sports injuries can cause gradual loss of bladder control. Women may contend with unexpected bladder leakage due to something as simple as a cough, sneeze or lifting a heavy object. The loss of bladder control can be very stressful to a woman, especially during social events, work or physical fitness activities. It is also common for females to experience dryness of the vagina as well as difficulty reaching orgasm due to the negative effects of vaginal aging.

Traditional vaginal rejuvenation surgery is very invasive and requires a considerable amount of recovery time. Modern technology now offers a painless, convenient alternative to traditional surgery: Viveve. This unprecedented treatment has become FDA approved in Canada and Argentina, while it is helping women all over the world effectively regain their personal confidence in a very short amount of time. Dr. Metzinger states that Viveve is safely revolutionizing vaginal rejuvenation with no warnings from the FDA.

Viveve stimulates collagen production in the vaginal wall by using cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency. This method is actually even more controlled than using laser treatments to induce the natural collagen production process in a woman’s body. During the Viveve process, the vaginal tissue is restructured, which creates a much firmer vaginal wall. A stronger, more youthful vaginal wall provides support for the urethra. This is how Viveve simultaneously aids in treating urinary incontinence as well as vaginal laxity. Dr. Metzinger states, “We are the first people to have [Viveve] in the state of Louisiana. This treatment has been around in Canada and Europe for several years. You get not only an aesthetic benefit, [but also] a functional benefit. You are getting a two for one in a 30-minute procedure.”

What sets Viveve apart from all other vaginal rejuvenation treatment options is that it is a painless procedure at a cellular level, with no recovery time. During the session, there is no anesthesia necessary. Patients may typically feel a cooling sensation, along with some warmth during the process; however, it is a very comfortable experience with astounding results. Many patients feel the positive effects of the treatment immediately; however, since every woman’s own individual body is different, results vary from person to person, depending upon a female body’s own unique collagen production. Some patients feel immediate results while others may take up to 3 months of development after the procedure. The encouraging truth of Viveve is that tightness of the vaginal wall will improve over time. Patients generally feel the positive changes in their bodies for up to a year or even longer.

Viveve requires only one to two sessions for results to take place. Sessions are typically 30-45 minutes each, and are performed by our Medical Aesthetician, Chantel Babin. For treatment of exclusively vaginal laxity and lubrication issues, only a single session is needed for effective results. For treatment of urinary incontinence as well as vaginal aging, two treatments that are six weeks apart are needed for best results.

The candidates for Viveve treatments typically are women who are concerned about urinary incontinence and improving vaginal laxity due to aging, genetics, lifestyle and childbirth. If you have experienced a decrease in physical sensation during intercourse, a decrease in tightness with your partner, then Viveve may be the solution that you have always hoped for in regaining your youthful confidence, in regards to your intimate health and well-being.

Dr. Metzinger and his team at Aesthetic Surgical Associates aim to help make the Viveve procedure attainable for all. Just in time for the holidays, there is a special rate through December 2018 of 50% off the standard price of the Viveve. Many patients are surprised that they can have a procedure completed during a lunch break, with little to no interruption of their work day. Patients’ testimonials continuously praise Dr. Metzinger for his cutting-edge knowledge and technology that he has utilized in his medical practice. Dr. Metzinger’s goal is to help women feel better about themselves and improve their quality of life as conveniently and comfortably as possible. With his exceptional staff at Aesthetic Surgical Associates, Dr. Metzinger is restoring women’s self-assurance so that they can experience all that life has to offer with total confidence and a newfound, youthful vitality just in time for the approaching New Year.

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