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The Wellness Center of Thibodaux Regional offers WellFit, which integrates wellness into clinical care. WellFit is an eight-week, physician-referred program that offers a customized plan for improving an individual’s health and well-being.

WellFit includes an exercise plan customized by a certified fitness specialist to meet your specific needs. Participants will also receive two one-hour guided workout sessions per week and unlimited access to the Fitness Center. The customized WellFit plan also includes nutrition counseling, with a registered dietician to assist participants with their specific dietary needs. Smoking cessation options and behavioral health screenings are also available.

“The goal of WellFit is to help people live the highest quality, most active lifestyle possible,” says Education and Training Coordinator, Katie Richard, MA, BSN, RN. The program started with two clinical pathways, orthopaedic and cancer. Specialists in those fields helped to shape the WellFit pathways. “We want people to feel that their unique needs are being met and that their doctor was a part of the process,” says Richard.
New clinical pathways are being added for 2019:

Heart • Diabetes • Spine • Respiratory • Function Fitness
Rheumatology • Chronic Pain • Weight Management
Mental Health • Surgery

WellFit uses a team approach to optimize your strengths, while lowering your medical risks. “We have guidance and support from the member’s physician, and that is what makes the program all encompassing,” explains Richard.

“We want to give people the confidence and physical ability they need through coaching and support from a specialized team. After the eight weeks of guidance is over, WellFit participants should be able to continue their healthy lifestyle changes on their own,” says Richard. However, if additional guidance is needed in one or more areas, the team is available for support.

The Wellness Center offers additional services which are available without a physician’s referral:

Massage Therapy
Massage offers relief from many ailments such as arthritis, shoulder pain, back pain, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, chronic pain, stress relief and relaxation.

Wellness Nutrition Counseling
Sessions with a registered dietician are available. Counseling options include 30-minute or 60-minute sessions as well as multi-session packages.

Healthy Lifestyles – Weight Management Series
This weekly program offers eight sessions. Topics covered include meal planning, label-reading and also the importance that physical activity plays in your wellness journey.

For more information on WellFit, or any of the Wellness Center services, please call 985.493.4765.

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