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Ashley Hendrix, MD, Daniel Womac, MD, Jonathan Boraski, MD

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By: Sammy Cusimano

Plastic surgery is the path to not only healing the outer self but the inner self as well. In the present day, it has become much more than simply a luxury to restore beauty and appearance. Plastic surgery is now at the forefront of treating medical conditions such as migraines, cleft palates and breast reconstruction following cancer removal.  The team of surgeons at LSU Plastic Surgery is enhancing patients’ lives each day using cutting-edge technology and advanced surgical procedures.

Modern advancements in medical techniques help patients to feel whole again with surgical and reconstructive procedures that are specific to each individual patient’s needs. The doctors of LSU Plastic Surgery are focused on providing the highest quality of care to improve the health and well-being of all patients, while enhancing their beauty and self-confidence.  By offering a vast selection of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures, this ensemble of accomplished physicians can help each patient on their own individual journey to feeling like the best version of him or herself.

Renowned surgeon and Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at LSU School of Medicine, Dr. Hugo St. Hilaire, states, “The division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at LSU has grown significantly over the past 10 years. We now have a group of nine surgeons, including two hand surgeons and three craniofacial surgeons. The LSU Plastic Surgery office at West Jefferson Medical Center is the latest step in our growth.” Dr. St. Hilaire’s accomplishments are notable in the realm of plastic surgery. He specializes in Craniofacial and Microsurgical reconstruction.

Dr. Daniel Womac, a double board-certified physician by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery, joined the LSU Plastic and Reconstructive surgery team in 2018. His specialties include aesthetic surgery, breast reconstruction, microsurgery, body contouring and skin cancer of the face and body.

Dr. Charles Dupin is the Program Director of the Division of Plastic Surgery, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. He has held the title of Program Director for 13 years. With over 30 years of experience in clinical plastic surgery, Dr. Dupin’s commitment to excellence is evident in all aspects of LSU Plastic Surgery. He most notably was a member of the LSU plastic surgery team that developed the perforator flap.

Dr. Jonathan Boraski recently joined the team as well. He has tremendous clinical experience in all aspects of plastic surgery including microsurgery, body contouring, head and neck reconstruction and aesthetic surgery. He has been serving the community of the Westbank for over 20 years.

The team of LSU Plastic Surgery is continuously growing to help better treat patients every day and are happy to announce the addition of Dr. Ashley Hendrix as part of the physician group. She is a fellowship-trained breast surgeon and joined the team to provide the most comprehensive care to patients with breast cancer. Dr. Hendrix’s expertise adds an incredibly positive dimension to the team of LSU Plastic Surgery. She specializes in plastic breast conservative surgery and also nipple-sparing mastectomy as well as procedures which use a “hidden scar” approach. Her unique skills help bring hope to many women as they undergo treatment and reconstruction due to breast cancer surgery. Dr. Hendrix also utilizes her medical talents to effectively lower the chance of patients developing cancer through the application of risk reduction surgery.

“Our plastic surgery team is quite unique as it relates to breast restoration following treatment for cancer,” explains Dr. St. Hilaire. Drs. Daniel Womac, Johnathan Boraski and Charles Dupin represent one of the most experienced groups in all aspects of breast restoration. While the team of physicians at LSU Plastic Surgery effectively treats patients with traditional techniques using implants, the doctors also employ the most contemporary approaches in breast restoration. Some of these include the pre-pectoral approach and direct to implant breast reconstruction.

The microsurgical expertise offered by the team of LSU Plastic Surgery is also exceptional. LSU Plastic surgery has been a pioneer in perforator flap breast reconstruction (DIEP, SGAP, IGAP, PAP, LTP) and continues to be at the forefront of breast restoration. What sets the doctors of LSU Plastic Surgery apart from others is the fact they uniquely offer a “patient specific” approach in which they combine their body contouring skills with their microsurgical expertise.

Dr. Womac explains that the doctors of LSU Plastic Surgery focus their treatment on the patient. He continues, “Careful studying of the patients’ body habitus, in conjunction with advanced imaging techniques, allows us to identify the body areas that can be used to restore the breast following mastectomy, while minimizing donor site morbidity.” Dr. Womac explains further, “We also offer ‘four-flap’ breast reconstruction, along with the hybrid approach (combination of autogenous tissue and implant).”

The microsurgical expertise of the team at LSU Plastic Surgery expands beyond the care of breast cancer patients. The LSU team also has significant expertise in the reconstruction of defects of the head and neck. This is commonly performed in the setting of cancer or in the treatment of survivors of head and neck cancer (osteoradionecrosis). The doctors of LSU Plastic Surgery also have extensive experience in virtual surgical planning to provide the patient with the most functional outcome.

“All of our surgeries are based on our strong background in aesthetic surgery, which is also offered at our office,” states Dr. Womac. The board- certified surgeons of LSU Plastic Surgery are able to expertly perform body contouring surgeries such as breast reduction or augmentation, along with other body shaping procedures such as liposuction and abdominoplasty. The team of physicians at LSU Plastic Surgery also offers non-surgical treatments, including injectable dermal fillers and botox. There are even revolutionary migraine treatments available for patients at LSU Plastic Surgery.

The wide array of treatment options makes the medical team of LSU Plastic Surgery an incredible asset to the entire medical community. The patient is truly the priority to these exceptional doctors. Dr. Womac concludes, “We favor a ‘patient-centered approach’ and as such, significant time will be spent with the patient at the initial consultation to ensure we meet their goals and expectations.”

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