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bigstock-Woman-Wearing-Virtual-Reality--245200033.jpgWhat are some new developments in healthy living we could see coming to our area?

F45 is popping up in the UK and headed for the US. F stands for functional and 45 for 45 minutes. This is a high-intensity interval training workout that originated in Australia. There are 35 locations a month headed for the US.

There is also a rise in pool resistance training programs. Extreme Pool Training (XPT) is one of LA’s most exclusive workouts! Surfer Laird Hamilton pioneered the method. XPT is now training coaches in the methods. Virgin Active has also rolled out its own hydro class.

Alexa, Siri and Cortana are all offering a variety of workouts. Brands are tapping into this fast-growing trend. The ClassPass Go app offers 600 guided sessions from strength training to running. WellBeats, Aaptiv and many others are offering a variety of workouts right at your fingertips.

Wellness communities are being designed with health in mind. The global market for health focused living spaces will increase to $180 billion by 2022. Not all will be designed for just the affluent. We will see a variety of health-based communities come on the market for all price ranges. Many planned communities will offer health services, green spaces and health and fitness programming.
Fitness pioneers are offering a variety of multi-generational exercise programming for family members of all ages. Parents realize physical activity is good for all family members and are looking for ways to incorporate it into their schedules. This is a growing segment in the fitness market. We will be seeing more of these types of family-oriented fitness activities. Grab the kids and catch a workout!

Virtual reality fitness programming is here and will continue to grow! There are 12,000 health clubs worldwide that offer this type of programming to its members now. This will allow clubs to offer personalized programming any time of day. I recently hooked my road bike onto a smart trainer and joined the virtual cycling community, Zwift. I love it. It offers virtual rides in other parts of the world with real time data on your ride. You can even do parts of the Tour de France.

Tracking devices will continue to be developed, and smart shirts and other clothing are on the way. So, it’s not just about FitBit and Apple Watch anymore. PLAYR is developing a vest that records 1250 movements per second.

These are just some of the new developments coming our way to help incorporate health and fitness more easily into our busy lives.

Carla Gray, BSES, HFS, CPT is a personal trainer and can be reached at or (504) 885-7855.

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