Beauty Bloom


By: Emily Harwood

Fresh flowers can brighten your day, but did you know that some flowers can brighten your skin? Flower petals, seed extracts and oils are popping up in everything from luxurious spa services to entire skincare lines. While botanical-inspired beauty goodies are trendy right now, the use of flowers for beauty benefits is far from new. Cleopatra, the grand dame of all beauty trends, bathed her feet in orange flower water and used rose water as a facial toner. Look at a few beauty products that use flowers to make you even more beautiful.

Featured Ingredient – Rose
The Body Shop has been putting rose petals in its British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask since last year. Grow your glow with this refreshing gel facemask infused with real rose petals, rose essence, rosehip oil and organic aloe vera.
Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream Light hydrates dry skin, revitalizes sensitive complexions and soothes redness and irritation. Rosa Damascena flower water protects and nurtures skin by promoting regeneration and balanced moisture levels. Beeswax and rose wax work together to protect against daily damage from the environment.

Korres Wild Rose VITAMIN C BRIGHTENING OIL is a powerful brightening oil infused with real rose petals and boosted with super vitamin C, 1000% more stable than pure ascorbic acid, for glowing, radiant skin.

Featured Ingredient – Jasmine and May Rose
In 1987, CHANEL set up a partnership with the largest flower producer in Grasse, the legendary perfume region on the French Riviera. By doing so, CHANEL insured the supply of two of the crucial ingredients in their signature scent, the jasmine and May Rose in CHANEL No. 5.

Featured Ingredient – Camellia
CHANEL has also collaborated with a camellia conservation nursery in southern France. The harvest of the camellia, Coco Chanel’s favorite flower, is used to produce their newest skincare line, Hydra Beauty including, HYDRA BEAUTY CRÈME, which leaves skin feeling soft and smooth with added shea butter.

Featured Ingredient – Blue Lotus Flower
The blue lotus, a precious water lily dating back to ancient Egypt, is the core ingredient in the skincare line Pur-lisse, a collection of rejuvenating products featuring masks, moisturizers and eye serum.
Pur-lisse founder Jennifer Yen developed the idea for the skincare line based on her grandmother’s traditions of using the blue lotus flower and white tea.

Featured Ingredient – Cactus Flower
Kiehl’s CACTUS FLOWER & TIBETAN GINSENG HYDRATING MIST is a hydrating face mist must-have. It contains real cactus flower extracts and geranium, lavender and rosemary. The cactus flower is rich in amino acids, B vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and iron. It’s a cooling, refreshing formula that purifies and hydrates skin.

Featured Ingredient – Sunflower
Sunflowers are blooming in unexpected places this season. Turns out, these golden blossoms are great for skin and hair — the oil pressed from their seeds is a natural emollient loaded with beauty benefits. For a summer fresh feel, try Sunflowers Shower Cream for women by Elizabeth Arden. The sunflowers make a nice contribution to its bright fragrance.

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