Save Hair from the Summer Frizzies Learn How To Summer-Proof Your Hair


By: Emily Harwood

Summer can have a drying effect on hair, which brings on the frizzies. Moreover, though it seems counterintuitive, humidity is a major factor in frizzy hair as well. Hair frizzes because its outer cuticle lifts up and becomes rough, causing fly-a-ways and reducing shine. In order to keep your locks looking luscious, you will need to switch some things up in your regular beauty routine and use specific types of products during summer’s hot, humid days. Although there is no single wonder-serum to combat summer frizz, these tips can help make hair healthy, shiny and manageable no matter the weather.
Be Choosey About Hair Products

Natural oils that accumulate on the scalp can be good frizz fighters, so it is best to limit washing to every other day. Start in the shower with a hydrating, repairing shampoo. When hair is well nourished, it is less likely to react to humidity. Because hair dries easily in the summer, switch from a shampoo that adds body and shine to one that adds moisture and contains a sunscreen. Your locks will feel softer, smoother and more manageable. Bare Republic UV Protecting Hydrating Shampoo offers UV protection, while deeply hydrating, replenishing and reviving stressed hair. It is enhanced with plant-derived ingredients that improve the condition of hair and has a beautiful, natural mango scent.

After shampooing, focus on conditioners, leave-in treatments, styling products, etc. that contain polymers, which are substances often compared to rubber or plastic. Polymers are effective against frizzy hair when used correctly because they create a layer over hair follicles that protect them from external elements. Be aware that they are a short-term solution and should only be used in the summer months to help fight the effects of heat and humidity. The long-term consequences of using polymers on hair can be excessive greasiness or even dryer hair.

Try out Wella Professionals Brilliance Shampoo and Conditioner for fine to normal colored hair, which not only protects color, but their crystallized polymers give hair a mirror-like shine. You might also like to try Nexxus Emergencée Strengthening Polymeric Reconstructor, which is an intensive hair treatment that toughens up weak, damaged strands.
Skip the Heat

Heat damage from hair appliances can cause hair to look frizzy and frayed. The worst things for your hair in summer are your blow dryer, flat iron and curling iron. These hair appliances will just burn hair and make it that much drier. Instead, if you can manage it, let hair air dry. Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow It is a styler for curly hair that does all the hard work for you. Simply add to wet hair, coil sections of hair around your fingers and let dry naturally.

Also, try experimenting with your hair’s own unprocessed texture. Let it dry naturally, scrunch it up with some mousse or do a cute braid. If you have to heat style, spritz on a heat-protecting spray such as Tresemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray before blow-drying or using any heated hair styler.

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