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Jennifer Hale
Fox Sports Sideline Reporter & Women’s Health Spokesperson
for Thibodaux Regional Medical Center

Now that fall is approaching, many of us are looking to find ways to help our skin rebound from all of the summer fun in the sun. This June and July, I spent a lot of time in LA filling in on Fox Sports 1 studio shows like “Undisputed” with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. The sun and lack of humidity definitely took their toll! Now, it’s time to get my skin back in shape after all that beach and saltwater exposure. There are treatments that help your skin feel good and those that truly impact the health of your epidermis. I like to spend my money on the latter, so here are a few go-to fall skin treatments that will provide maximum impact.

Chemical Peels:
In-office treatments like this are great for an instant fix to address the negative impacts of a sunny summer and kick start a new fall/winter regiment. “Chemical peels are a great way to ‘peel away’ the sins of summer,” says Shalan Randolph, owner and operator of Shay’s Health and Beauty Spa. “Chemical peels, like our 10% TCA peel offers epidermal repair to treat sun damage, texture concerns, acne, fine lines and wrinkles. With minimal downtime, you will be back at it looking fabulous!” Talk to your skin care provider about the strength of your chemical peel. Some peels are more aggressive than others.
Retinol or Vitamin A:
Just like diet and exercise go hand in hand to maintain a healthy weight, your at-home skin care regimen needs to be top-notch, if you’re going to get the most out of your in-office treatments, like chemical peels. Look for nightly products that stimulate your skin at the cellular level, like a medical grade vitamin A or retinol. “One ingredient we should all have in our skin care regimen is retinol or vitamin A,” says Randolph. “As we age, our cellular turnover rate slows down dramatically. Vitamin A or retinol will stimulate cell turnover and make our cells function at optimal levels. Stimulation plays a major role in skin repair. This is how we truly transform the skin and keep it looking young and healthy!”

Don’t stash it away just because school is back in session, especially if you’re using retinol, vitamin A or chemical peels. In fact, sunscreen has evolved so much, there are even ones made now to protect your skin from computer glare. “All sunscreen is not created equal,” Randolph explains. “Most SPF will give you UVB and UVA protection. This is standard. UVB is the ‘burning ray.’ This is the ray that causes cancer. UVA is your ‘aging ray.’ This is the ray that depletes the body of collagen and elastin. What most sunscreens don’t have is HEV and IR-A protection. HEV is the High Energy Visible ray. This is the blue light from cell phones and computer screens. In this day and age, this protection is a MUST! And last is IR-A or infrared ray. This is the heat from the sun’s ray. We live in Louisiana…it is HHHOOOOTTT! We need protection from the heat. So, make sure your sunscreen provides maximum protection by providing UVB, UVA, HEV and IR-A protection.”

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