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Dr. Russell Russo is on the cutting edge of sports and health nutrition with his new product, GRIND. What sets GRIND apart from other products is that the ensemble of highly effective ingredients fulfills many purposes from mental focus to balanced energy and even faster recovery and joint support. “The goal is for everyone to be their best self,” states Dr. Russo. The purpose of developing GRIND extends beyond the daily benefits of the supplement. The deeper, more long-term strategy is to use the product to help minimize the need for pharmaceuticals in daily life. Dr. Russo’s goal is to enhance the lives of as many people as possible from all walks of life, with high quality nutrition that may also serve as a safe alternative to prescription drugs.

The inception of GRIND began when Dr. Russo worked as a fellow at Houston Methodist Hospital. Dr. Russo treated a distinct range of patients from elite athletes (Houston Rockets, Astros and Texans) to high-level performers such as ballet professionals and even NASA astronauts. “I started putting the common denominators together to see what supplements these athletes and professionals were taking,” states Dr. Russo. Through his extensive experience in Houston, Dr. Russo started the early formula for a supplement product that would take much of the guesswork out of daily nutrition. The journey of developing GRIND commenced to enhance athletic and professional performance, while also becoming a non-prescription path to health and wellness.

GRIND was developed by Dr. Russo and his wife Dr. Kimberly Dao Russo as a dual physician-created product. With Dr. Kimberly Dao Russo’s expertise in internal medicine and Dr. Russell Russo being a double board-certified orthopedic surgeon, they combined their talents and resources to make GRIND a revolutionary new health product on the market. The aim of developing GRIND has always been to focus on only the nutrients that are necessary for optimal performance. Many common pre-workout supplements sold in stores presently contain a lot of supplements that can cause abnormal bleeding, liver damage or even negatively impact the effectiveness of certain medications. GRIND contains only the necessary ingredients to accomplish specific health-related goals.


The unique nutritional composition of GRIND sets it apart from other pre-workout supplements. Whereas many supplements sold in stores tend to cause a jittery, tingling feeling, GRIND contains the proper nutrients that can turn off those sensations to give the consumer a much cleaner energy for his or her daily activity. A common disadvantage of many pre-workout supplements and energy drinks is the high sugar content found in these products. GRIND is packed with a powerful combination of vitamins and minerals that yield a sustained energy, without the calories that so many pre-workout supplements contain.

Dr. Russell Russo also ensured that the formula for GRIND contained nutrients that assist in mental focus. In hopes of helping people who take prescription drugs for better focus and mental clarity, he included a nutrient known as rhodiola in the GRIND formula. Rhodiola has been shown in studies to improve athletes’ performance by preventing overtraining, while also increasing mental clarity. With the proper nutrition of GRIND combined with a healthy lifestyle, consumers may not need as many pharmaceuticals for conditions such as attention deficit disorder.

Along with improved mental focus and a healthy energy boost, GRIND also aids in muscle growth and recovery following a hard workout. The branched chain amino acids (the powerhouse building blocks of muscle) contained within GRIND deliver the necessary nutrients to maximize muscle growth and recovery. When the muscles are recovering more efficiently, metabolism increases, which leads to greater fat loss and better overall health.

The numerous vitamins and minerals in GRIND make it a very diverse product that eliminates the need for multiple bottles of capsules and pills in any health-conscious individual’s daily nutritional regimen of supplements. Vitamin C and a vast array of B vitamins, along with a multitude of minerals such as zinc and magnesium, fulfill many of the body’s daily requirements of these nutrients in each serving of GRIND.

Dr. Russell Russo and Dr. Kimberly Dao Russo spent three years creating the perfect formula for GRIND. They knew from the outset of developing this product that it would be like no other supplement on the market. The evolution of GRIND was nearly complete, but they wanted to add one more component of the product that would set it apart even more from the mainstream supplements found in the health food marketplace. This component was joint health. The glucosamine and chondroitin in GRIND can improve the symptoms of arthritis, while also helping to reduce stiffness in the joints and muscles.

The dedication and commitment of Dr. Russell Russo and his wife to making the local community a healthier and better place are powerfully evident in each of their medical practices, the development of GRIND as a gold-standard supplement and also the realm of local charity in the New Orleans area. Dr. Russo “pays it forward” by leading the charity, Angels’ Place, which gives immense support to terminally ill children and their families in their time of greatest need. Dr. Russo works diligently towards building the success of GRIND simultaneously with awareness of Angel’s Place by donating a portion of the profits from sales of GRIND to the charity that benefits so many local children and their families.

The supplement industry has grown exponentially in the past few decades. There are more options than ever for consumers to choose when searching for the right product. GRIND simplifies the entire process of selecting the most effective supplement that will cover a diverse range of nutritional needs. Dr. Russo has made it his life’s work to helping patients become healthier and the best version of themselves. His passion for his medical practice and his development of GRIND are both making people’s lives better each day. The ultimate goal is to see GRIND become a household name in the nutrition world. The local beginnings of GRIND here in New Orleans make it an exciting venture to watch develop as it revolutionizes the health product marketplace.

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