Everything You Need to Know About Dry Shampoo

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What is dry shampoo?
Usually, it is a powder or fast-drying spray that provides a water-free option for cleaning hair. Some dry shampoos come in paste form, and some are available in different tints to match hair color. Dry shampoo can help refresh and restyle hair on the days you cannot or do not want to wash it for whatever reason. It does this by absorbing excess sebum and other oils from the roots, while freshening up the strands and leaving scalp and hair smelling fresher.

Why should you use dry shampoo?
Frequent shampooing can strip moisture from many types of hair making it best to shampoo less often. Dry shampoo lets you go longer between washes without suffering from oily, dingy looking hair.

Here are a few more reasons to skip the wet wash:

Stretch out a style. Make a blowout or salon style last as long as possible before shampooing. You can easily add a few days to either with a dry shampoo.
Conserve color. Even with color safe products, hair color begins to lose vibrancy after continuous shampooing. Protect hair color by using a few water-less shampoos between color services and stretch your color investment.
Eliminate odor. Unfortunately, hanging out with all the smokers at the party can make your hair smell more like an ashtray than ash blond. Many dry shampoos include a pleasant fragrance that will instantly refresh your hair.
Add volume. Applying most dry shampoos to the root area can add volume and fullness.

How to Apply Dry Shampoo Spray

Step 1:
Shake dry shampoo and spray the root area starting at part line, and divide into smaller sub sections to ensure the entire head is covered.

Step 2:
Flip head upside down and gently massage roots with fingertips. If hair feels damp from spray, blow dry roots with low, cool setting for a few seconds.

Step 3:
Evenly distribute throughout hair.

You may like to try one of the following dry shampoo products:

MATRIX mineral Play Back dry shampoo spray works to absorb oils and impurities, extending and refreshing hair, while providing a clean-feel texture and weightless separation.
MATRIX Biolage Waterless Clean & Recharge dry shampoo refreshes hair, cleanses and helps control oil. Its exclusive blend of unique botanicals creates gentle, high-performing formulas.
LOVE beauty AND planet rosehip & patchouli extend dry shampoo utilizes the rosehip fruit.
It’s loaded with hair-reviving vitamins to leave hair feeling totally renewed, without having to use traditional shampoo and water. Fruity refreshing notes add even more life to bountiful hair.
Take portable Rush Brush tinted and scented dry shampoo by Cake Beauty along for the day to quickly and easily “brush up” mid-day or second day hair on-the-go. The Rush Brush dry shampoo is tinted in light to medium brown hair shades.
Perfect hair Day dry shampoo by Living proof makes hair look, feel and smell clean by absorbing oil, sweat and odor, while delivering a fresh scent throughout the day.

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