Dr. G’s Top10 Winter Pet Tips


By: Dr. G of VetNaturally

1. Safety proof your house for winter.  Colder weather usually includes fireplaces.  Place a protective cover over the fire so curious cats and dogs ( and kids) can’t get into trouble.  Don’t place pet beds too close to the fireplace or any portable heater.

2. Make some noise before starting your car.  Outdoor cats and other outdoor animals often hide under cars to stay warm.  Before your start your engine, beep the horn or knock on the hood to make sure they don’t get hurt by the engine.

3. Check their paws after outdoor play.  Frequently, pets will walk in obscure areas to get away from the cold ground.  These new areas could be full of thorns, branches or other items that can get lodged in their pads.  Have a quick look at the paws to make sure the pads are okay after outdoor play.

4. Keep them on a leash.  Many pets go missing in the winter because the cold air can mask the normal smells of an environment.  This change can make it more difficult for your furry baby to find his way home.

5. Check the microchip information.  In the event your pet does wander, make sure his microchip is up-to-date with your contact information.  Call the company and verbally check what contact information they have for you.  This small step is often the key in reuniting with your pet.
6. If you have an outdoor dog or cat, please monitor the temperatures. On cool nights (where it’s colder than 70 degrees), bring them inside.  Pets don’t “do well because they are wearing a fur coat”.  Have compassion and watch the temperatures daily.

7. If your pet suffers from arthritis, the symptoms are usually worse in the cold weather.  Winter is a great time to start acupuncture and laser therapy to help your arthritic pets stay comfortable.  You can also use a daily topical rub by VetNaturally called PreviPain.  It’s a great  support for circulation, muscle health,nerve health, and pain control.

8. Make sure any pet outdoors has access to shelter.  Whether they are outside for an hour or several hours, they should have a safe place to keep warm if they are uncomfortable in the cold.  A good rule of thumb is.. if it’s too cold outside for you, it’s too cold for your pet.

9. Keep up their exercise routine even in the cold weather! Some fun options include inside throwing games, walking them on a treadmill in the home, doggie day care and picking outside exercise times when it’s the warmest part of the day.

10. Buy a diffuser and start diffusing organic essential oil blends that support respiratory health.  One of my favorite blends in a full diffuser is 5-7 drops of frankincense, 5-7 drops of doTERRA breathe, and 5-7 drops of lemon.

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