VetNaturally Opens Mandeville Pet Care Center

Integrative Medicine and Rehabilitation for Your Companion

One of the tragedies of life is that pets don’t get to enjoy a human lifespan. Our pets are often gone too soon. Even sadder is that many of our animal companions spend their final years in pain or suffering related to arthritis. Fortunately, our community will soon have an integrative veterinary medical center dedicated to optimal health and quality of life for our pets. In early 2020, Dr. Ashley C. Geoghegan will be opening the doors of her massive VetNaturally™ complex at 123 Girod Street in Mandeville.

The 12,000 square feet complex is genuinely comprehensive and unique in its offerings. In addition to a full canine rehabilitation center and pet medical spa, there is a private 4,000 square feet dog park where clients can exercise and play with their four-legged friends. There is also customized doggy daycare, with a focus on the “whole dog” experience. Dr. G is setting the standard on how canines will spend their days with daycare activities tailored to your dog’s preferences. The entire center is also ADA-compliant to accommodate therapy animals and their owners.
A Bit of Background

Dr. Geoghegan, better known as Dr. G, earned her doctorate of veterinary medicine (DVM) from the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine. Since that time, she has had a fascinating and varied career. She has served as a veterinary officer in the U.S. Army, had a mobile veterinary practice and later discerned the need for different approaches to animal healthcare other than a strictly Western view. Dr. G went on to augment her skills and education with formal training in traditional Chinese veterinary medicine (TCVM) at The Chi Institute as well as studies at The Canine Rehabilitation Institute. This holistic training enabled her to provide better care for pets with chronic health issues and elderly or injured animals in need of rehabilitative therapy.

More Details

Every detail of this state-of-the-art facility has been crafted over a lifetime caring for animals. There are no “back kennels” here.
Dr. G and her team have a 360-degree view so they can see each patient. No dog or cat is left alone or anxious in a back room.

This detail is just a single example of how Dr. G’s approach is different. She maximizes the time she spends with each patient and client. Just as importantly, her entire focus is on healing the patient, not masking symptoms from chronic ailments like anxiety, cancer, gastrointestinal problems among others. Geoghegan and her team members have a special skill set for rehabilitation and canine functional medicine, especially for older dogs. “Gone are the days of shoving pain meds and watching your dog still walk poorly. Consider us a one stop shop for your pet’s vibrant health and mobility. We have acupuncture, electric stimulation, massage, Chinese herbs, Class IV cold laser therapy, supplements, diet therapy and an Aqua Paws Underwater Treadmill…if there is a modality to make your furry baby move better, we have it”, says Geoghegan.

“Our practice is full of 15, 16 and 17 year old dogs that are spending their golden years going on walks, still running and feeling great.”
Clients often become attached to their veterinarians and are hesitant to switch animal healthcare providers. Dr. G understands this and maintains, “We serve as an adjunct to your regular veterinarian, not a replacement. We are the missing piece to pet healthcare.”

A Heart to Serve and a Heart to Heal

Certainly, one person alone could not accomplish such an enormous undertaking as VetNaturally. Dr. G largely credits her team for their heart and commitment. She states, “We have an amazing team dedicated to our patient’s long-term success. We all have servant’s hearts and we put the patient and the client first. I am so grateful to have Leslie, Kimmy, Paige and Angela on this journey with me.”

Demonstrating their love for animals, the VetNaturally team asks for the community’s help in their fifth year of the Plays for Pets program. This effort is a safe toy and blanket drive for shelter pets, offering comfort and promoting play. To learn what items are needed this year and where the drop off locations are, please visit

Dr. G isn’t setting the bar in pet healthcare, she’s redefining it. The mission of the VetNaturally team is to help your pet live his best and longest life.


To set up a consultation, please call 985-718-9991 or visit

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